Chad Churchwell: Protect Your Replication Environment with AlwaysOn Availability Groups

Heads up everyone.  Next Tuesday January 22nd, 2013 Chad Churchwell (blog | twitter) will be presenting a webinar on behalf of Pragmatic Works on protecting your replication environment with AlwaysOn Availability Groups.  I've had the pleasure of following Chad over the last year and have really come to appreciate his dedication and commitment to providing quality replication content to the SQL Server Community.  According to his author profile at MSSQLTips:

Chad Churchwell is a SQL Server professional specializing in High Availability, Disaster Recovery, and Replication. He has been in IT for 14 years, working with SQL Server for 10 years, and is currently a senior DBA Consultant with Pragmatic Works. He is active in the community speaking at several SQL Saturday events, as well as maintaining a blog at

With the release of SQL Server 2012, replication received support for AlwaysOn Availability Groups.  Come listen to Chad Churchwell discuss the supported scenarios and how to achieve high availability for your replication topologies.  We should be in for a treat and I hope to see you all there.

Protect Your Replication Environment with AlwaysOn Availability Groups
Registration: Protect Your Replication Environment with AlwaysOn Availability Groups

Date and time:  January 22nd 2013 11:00 am Eastern


This session is intended to show how you can combine AlwaysOn Availability Groups to protect your replication environment for High Availability. We will cover supported scenarios for replication, publisher and subscriber setup, and different failure points in your replication topology. We will conclude with a demo on failover of a publisher and subscriber.

-Brandon Williams (blog | linkedin | twitter)

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