PASS DBA Virtual Chapter: Replication with Hilary Cotter

I’m pleased to announce that this Wednesday April 11th 2012 Hilary Cotter will be presenting for the PASS DBA Virtual Chapter on SQL Server Replication.  Replication is a powerful and flexible data distribution solution that has become one of the more mature features in SQL Server.  Come listen to Microsoft MVP and replication expert Hilary Cotter discuss SQL Server Replication.  We should be in for a treat and I hope to see you all there.

PASS DBA Virtual Chapter Live Meeting Event

Date and time:  April 11th 2012 12:00 pm Mountain time

Topic:  SQL Server Replication – sponsored by Quest Software

Presenter:  Hilary Cotter

Abstract:  Replication is a native SQL Server component which allows you to copy data from one database or server to another and can be configured to replicate bi-directionally.  In this webcast, SQL Server MVP., Hilary Cotter discusses replication types as well as common use cases and problems, as well as troubleshooting and monitoring and how to squeeze optimal performance from merge, transactional and bi-directional replication.

Bio:  Hilary Cotter is an industry veteran and has been a SQL Server MVP for 11 years. He specializes in replication, full-text search and SQL Server Service Broker. He has worked for many fortune 500 companies implementing cutting edge replication solutions. He has written and co-authored several books.

Live Meeting link:  The Live Meeting link for the webcast and meeting archive can be found on the PASS DBA Virtual Chapter website.

  1. Kathy Blomstrom says:

    Hi Brandon – Can you or someone with the DBA VC submit your meetings to the PASS Events calendar? About 2 weeks before would be great, and we’ll get them on the calendar and highlight on the Home page and on twitter as well.

    And we still have time to get this meeting on the calendar today if you can get your submission in at


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